The Heart of the camp

During an event, we provide community catering for three meals a day.

Should you wish to you can help out preparing and cooking authentically over a campfire.

We encourage all to bring along your own period recipes to try out.

Living History


Many of our members enjoy indulging in recreational and practical activities of the time such as sewing, knitting, lace making, embroidery and more.


They will be more than happy to help you get started if you have a similar interest. Or even a completely new one, any period correct activities are encouraged and you will find many interested parties willing to help get started. Whether it be with research or the best places to find period supplies

Ladies and Gentlemen

Dress to impress

The wives of officers may have been a long way from home, but that wasn’t any excuse not to look their best. We are often invited to provide promenades to enhance Regency events at stately homes and sites of historic significance where you can show off your best gowns.


Each year we participate in Battle Proms as well as Regency Balls and dinners, all of which call for glorious regency outfits to set the scene.



Re-enacting is something that the whole family can take part.

We encourage family groups, as this enables us to show the family life of a Napoleonic solider.


We make room for all, man or beast, meet our Regimental Mascot Duke.


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