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We aim to recreate the lives of soldiers and camp followers during the Napoleonic Wars, engaging in dramatic battles and living in period encampments. Today, our members are spread across England and Wales and our events diary sees us pursuing adventure across the UK and overseas, during a season that generally runs from March to September.

During our events we sleep under canvas tents or inside period fortifications, we cook and eat authentic rations and practice the drill and tactics that were refined over 200 years ago on battlefields across the Iberian Peninsular, France, Belgium and America.


Being affiliated with the Napoleonic Association we often share our hobby with other groups, resulting in spectacular battles and unforgettable evenings around the campfire. 


If you like what you've read so far and are considering joining us, explore our website and discover what makes our society second to none. Whether your interest lies in experiencing the life of an Artilleryman or exploring the infinite possibilities amongst our camp followers, you'll find a welcome space by the fire for you and your family.


To Gunner Edwards, portraying an Artilleryman is more than just a hobby, it's an opportunity to experience history first hand. 

Re-enacting is a very social hobby and one that the whole family can take part in. There are many roles in our society and everyone is encouraged and supported in whichever role they choose to portray. Our whole ethos is based on having fun and encouraging each other to gain the maximum enjoyment that comes from fully immersing yourself in camp life. 


Should you choose to join our historical society, you will quickly find yourself a member of a family that makes room for all and has no barriers. 


The heart of any regiment is its family, and our society is no exception. Within out thriving encampment, you will find men, women and children portraying a variety of roles; ladies, gentlemen, nurses, doctors, soldiers and officers. 


So the question is, what role will your portray

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